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Welcome to my website! Here you can get to know more about me,what I do as an electronics engineer, my projects and a lot more! This also happens to be my portfolio. I would love to share technical content and blogs.


Generate stable SPWM signals for making a sine wave inverter without any microcontroller!

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My Projects


This section explores the ideas revolving around Microcontrollers such as AVR, STM MCUs, Raspberry Pi and more. I have worked and experimented with quite a lot of these popular controllers and oh, not to forget about the famous Arduino platform!


IoT Projects

This section explores my take on the projects on IoT ranging from power meters to weather stations to home automation. IoT is the talk of the tech world now a days and with automation growing such rapidly, IoT sure is a great way ahead.


Power Electronics

Well, I have made some interesting projects on DC-DC converters, switched mode inverters and solar charge controllers. Power electronics is something which excites me a lot,specially porjects on solar energy and energy harvesting in general


Basic Electronics

My projects on basic electronics include a mix of analog and digital electronics. They range from amplifiers to LED sequencers,to simple circuits using basic electronic components.It's fun,trust me!


Sensors & Modules

I love making DIY sensors and modules that make connectivity to other systems and measuring values easy. This section is about making your own DIY sensors and modules that can be a nifty little hack for many of your projects.


More Tech Projects!

Some projects can't really be categorised into a particular group or domain because they are a mix of other domains or some tricks and tips that can really be helpful when working on electronic projects. This section is full of useful insights and hacks


About Me

  • Centre for Development of Advanced Computing

    Currently pursuing Post Graduation Diploma in Embedded Systems from CDAC,Pune(Sunbeam) with focus on Embedded C/C++, ARM cortex M3 and M4 microcontrollers,Linux Device drivers,Embedded OS, RTOS and IoT.

  • Primetals Technologies

    Worked as an IT engineer at Primetals Technologies,India. I dealt with the IT infrastructure along with DLP,data security and backup technologies.

  • MakersLoft

    I worked here as a technical trainer.Training students in the field of robotics and electronics, preparing them for national level robotics competiton under the domain of STEM education.

  • Techno India Salt Lake

    I did my graduation in the Instrumentation department with focus on applied electronics, process control along with basic industrial automation and sensors

  • St.Lawrence High School

    12 years of my schooling are from this prestigious Jesuit institution. With major as Science in high school, it has laid the foundation for my engineering career

My Skills



Intermediate knowledge of programming AVR and STM Microcontrollers along with common MCU environmets like Arduino


Embedded systems

Basic knowledge of embedded eco system with projects focussed on a mix of renewable energy and IoT


PCB Design

Good with designing 2 layer PCBs on Eagle,KiCAD and EasyEDA with practical PCB frabrication skills using CNC



Applicative knowlege on C, C++ and Python languages with focus on using them for embedded project developments



Elementary knowledge of PLC,control systems and applied analog and digital circuits with exposure to industrial sensors and transducers


Information & Digital Technology

A relatively new field for me, I know the basics of an ogranisational IT infrastructure, IT support, DLP and advanced data backup tools

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You can view my work and projects on various other platforms as well. If you have something for which you would like to get in touch then feel free to fill out the form to the right and let's connect!





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